In winter each year There will be tourists traveling in various places throughout Thailand, most of it is mountain to mountain to suit the season and get the cold. And there is one place. Is like The main icons in the winter. Because they are walking up the hill. Natural touch. Mounted on the hilltop, there is a foggy sea view. The famous sun. Waterfall and a lot of trees. This is “Phu Kradueng”, which this year will be open to tourists to hunt the mist. From 1 October 2018

Phu Kradueng  National Park was declared Thailand’s second national park on November 23, 1962, located in the area of Sri Sub Phu Kradueng District, Loei Province covers an area of 348.13 square kilometers. Topography is sandstone mountain crest. There are about 60 square kilometers on the top of Phu Kradueng.


Phu Kradueng has elevation between 400 – 1,200 meters. The highest point is in the area of Klamme is 1,316 meters. General conditions of Phu Kradueng include many species. Wildlife, cliffs, meadows, streams and waterfalls are also an upstream area of Nam Phong, one of the major rivers in the Northeast.

With high altitude, atmosphere and cool weather throughout the year at Phukradueng. Especially in winter, the temperature may drop to 0 degrees Celsius, so it is an incentive for tourists to aspire to be the conqueror of Phu Kradueng once in a lifetime.

The climate of Phu Kradueng National Park at low level along the hill. The condition is similar to other areas. Of the Northeast. Influenced by the southwest monsoon and the northeast monsoon. Rainy season starts from April to October. Most rain is between August and September. The average annual temperature is 26 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature in January. And the highest temperature in April.

During the rainy season, natural disasters such as the erosion of the mountain and the river. The National Park is scheduled to close – open only on the peak of Phu Kradueng. For the safety of tourists. The natural environment and the environment have been rehabilitated. The tourists visit each year as follows.

To take pictures with the sign “Once in a lifetime We are the conqueror of the lizard “is still a popular classic forever. In addition to sightseeing at the peak. The highlight is not to miss the red maple flower on the waterfall.

I do not have much to walk. But the distance is far and steep. But on the way there will be stops to stop tired of the following, namely Pangkham, Charcoal, Hsang, Bon Sam, Krung Pran, Pang Pa

If you walk up from the morning. The weather is quite cool. There are interesting things to watch along the way. From the dipterocarp forest, deciduous forest, evergreen forest, dry evergreen forest to the back of the pagoda, from the back to the visitor center, Wang Kwang will be a flat road among the vast pine forest. The distance from the up to the Pacific and Wang Kwang Visitor Center about 9 kilometers, take about 4-5 hours .

Traveling on Phu Kradueng is the most natural way to travel together, so people who travel to Phu Kradueng should spend at least 3 days to enjoy the beautiful nature.

Admission to the park 
– Thai adults 40 baht, children 20 baht
– Foreigners 400 baht children
– 200 baht baggage allowance – 30 baht baggage allowance


  • Car

From Bangkok, take Highway No. 1 through Saraburi. From Saraburi, take Highway 2, Mittraphap Road to Sikhiu District, turn left onto Highway 201, passing Chaiyaphum Province. To Chum Phae. Drive along Highway 201 until it reaches the main area. Km 276 will have a junction into Highway 2019, drive along the road about 8 km, it will reach the headquarters of the National Park.

  • bus

Visitors can travel by Bangkok-Loei bus. Then down the cliff. The border between Chum Phae and Phukradueng. From here, there will be a minibus to Phu Kradueng National Park or to the Bangkok – Chum Phae Bus. Then go to the market. The bus to Chum Phae – Pha Nok to go down the cliff. There will be a minibus to the park.